Carousel is licensed by the Office of Early Childhood and is a nationally accredited program through NAEYC.

Founded in 1977, Carousel serves 124 children, ages 6 weeks through 5 years.  Our program is made up of a diverse population of children, families and staff, all from various cultures, ethnic groups and nationalities, which enables our program to emulate life outside of the program. This rich diversity also allows children to become familiar with and aware of differences and similarities before they venture out into a larger world where diversity exists around them.

In the type of environment in which we live, it is important that you choose a reputable early care and educational environment for your child.  You are forced to be a discriminating parent when it comes to your child care arrangements.  When seeking high quality education for your child, some questions you should ask of the program would be:

  • Is the program’s curriculum based on accepted and researched theories of child development?
  • Does the curriculum and assessment of goals  and objectives for children provide challenging opportunities and outcomes for each child?
  • Are children actual participants in their own learning or just spectators?
  • Is the physical environment safe, healthy and clean?
  • Does the program seek to meet the needs of each individual child and also children in groups?
  • Is each family’s culture respected and are family members welcome & encouraged to participate in the program?
  • Are the children encouraged to select activities and materials that interest them?
  • Does the staff show affection and respect for each child and interact with them in caring ways?
  • Does the program prepare chilren and staff for emergencies?
  • Does the program strive to prevent outbreaks of illnesses?
  • What are the adult/child ratios?  Are they met in the program at all times?

Carousel continues to provide families with all of the above.  The staff at Carousel is committed about communication with families and is designed so parents will always have someone to communicate with who knows you and your child personally.  Teachers and Administrators are available for families at all times.



Infant/Toddler – 1 adult to 4 children

Preschool – 1 adult to 10 children