Our Teaching Staff:

Carousel has a high-quality staff of qualified teachers and caregivers. The staff is recruited through a process of state-wide advertisement and an interview process by a committee of staff and parents. It is our goal to attract teachers with vast educational and theoretical knowledge combined with early childhood teaching experience and those from diverse backgrounds to emulate the diversity of the population of children and families at Carousel. All teaching staff interviewed submit a formal resume and letter of intent. They must provide letters of references and a copy of their college transcript, a copy of their educational degrees and certificates along with any additional credentials and a Professional Portfolio for review by the Administration and Carousel’s Interview Committee. It is Carousel’s goal to reduce staff turnover, attract and retain a high quality and well-trained professional staff of teachers and caregivers, who have a heart for young children.

In addition to obtaining a formal degree, the teaching staff is required to maintain annual certification in the following:

 First Aid & CPR


 Mandated Reporting of Child Abuse & Neglect

 NAEYC Code of Ethics& Professionalism

 Review of Carousel’s Program Policies & Procedures

 CT Dept. of Public Health Child Care Regulations

 Curriculum and Assessment of Children

 Cultural and Linguistic Diversity Training in communication, curriculum and family/child activities

 NAEYC Accreditation Standards and Criteria

 Serving Children with Special Needs

 Language/Literacy Development for Young Children

 Administration and Supervision

 OSHA Training

The teachers are required to be involved participants in the program’s operation and to serve on various committees that operate the program such as:

 Nutrition and Fitness

 Teaching Staff Evaluation (peer evaluation)

 Administration Evaluation

 Program Evaluation

 Classroom Evaluation

 Program Materials (Prop boxes, etc.)

 Curriculum Evaluation

 American Sign Language integrated curriculum

 School Community and Community Outreach

 The Parent Committee

 Health & Emergency Preparedness