Our Views About Families: We realize you are the most important person in your child’s life.  We view families as our partners in creating successes for your child.  Carousel’s goals and objective include families as participants rather than spectators – we welcome families into the operation of the program and include families in planning everything.  We are here to assist you in teh care of your child, from helping you to toilet train to providing you with parenting education about choosing healthy foods for you and your child, etc.

Our Views About Ethnicities/Cultures: We purposely recruit and train teachers and administrators that will emulate the cultures of the population of the children in our program.  We respect every culture and provide high quality diversity/anti-bias education, materials and props in our classrooms so children will leave Carousel ready and willing to form positive relationships with people from all cultures.

Our Services: We are here to serve your child and to serve you.  That attitude is evident in all we do and the services, care and education we provide for your child and for your family.  You will not find another childcare program that provides the many areas and content of education Carousel provides for children and families, such as Bi-lingual (Spanish) education, American Sign Language education, Nutrition  & Health education, Physical Education & Fitness.

Relationship-Oriented:  We realize that forming positive reciprocal relationships with children and families provides on-going successes for your child and for all of us.

Consistent Communication: We communicate with you every morning and evening in person; schedule conferences with you when necessary; email you and contact you by phone to let you know how your child is doing during the day; send you written daily information about your child – what your child ate for snack and lunch and what your child did during hours at Carousel; send you monthly newsletters describing program events, nutrition information, and educational curriculum ad themes.

Our Curriculum & Assessment of your Child’s Development: We use a research-based early childhood educational curriculum and assessment direction that provides the best developmentally appropriate materials for all age groups fo children, and educational direction for each child at each developmental level.  Our curriculum is designed specifically for each age group: Infants, Toddlers, and Preschool-age young children.  We also provide American Sign Language education, Bi-lingual education, Physical Education, and Nutrition/Health education into our daily curriculum for all children.  The curriculum takes care of the total childs needs, and each child is able to make a smooth transition into their next level of development.  The curriculum also forms an excellent bridge from the early childhood classroom into the Kindergarten classroom to provide assed continuity from preschool to kindergarten.  We continually assess your child’s progress, both individually and in groups, to provide your child with excellence in education and assistance if necessary.  We have parent conferences twice annually, and any time if necessary, or if you request, to provide you with knowledge of your child’s progress, and the next steps are planned and carried out by both your family and our teachers – together.

Our Teaching Staff and Administrative Staff:  Carousel employs only teachers that have a degree in early childhood education, or are enrolled in a matriculating college or university program to obtain a degree, majoring in early childhood education.  We believe that a combination of both theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge are the only components that, when achieved together, provide teachers of high quality for young children.

Our Framework: Unlike any other in early childhood programs, and based on the shared decision-making model of education, our framework consists of: Program Director, Education Director, Co-Education Directors, School Community & Community Outreach Director, Nutrition/Fitness Director, The Outdoor Classroom Director, Children’s Garden and Committees Director.  These leaders collaborate together with staff and families, form the team at Carousel and are responsible for leading the organization of the program.  Carousel is not a “top-down” management type of organization as most programs are – all staff, administrators and families have an important leadership role in making policies, using their creative gifts, sharing decisions, and implementing their suggestions into the program’s operation.  It is in this way that everyone becomes a leader and stakeholder and a true school community happens.