Greetings from the Executive Director, Joyce Abate Print E-mail

Welcome to Carousel Preschool – a responsive early learning program for you and your child! I am Joyce Abate, the Executive Director of Carousel Preschool.  I join with the staff of administrators and teachers in serving your family with your child care needs.

In creating Carousel Preschool in 1985, I wanted our program to be a place for children, families and staff that would promote positive reciprocal relationships between staff and families, and also enable them to become stakeholders in working together to achieve many goals.  I wanted Carousel to be a shared-decision-making model of education.


Through years of obtaining an education in the shared decision-making model of education, and then putting this model into practice at Carousel, we have achieved this model and continue to work to maintain it.  The shared decision-making model of education is our framework and everyone is involved – children, families and staff.   We all work together to create an intimate school community where everyone’s creativity, opinions, and ideas are brought to the table to forward successes for the children, families and staff and also for the program.  This direction allows us to have an anti-biased and diverse internal community that reaches out to the larger community outside our doors – a community that celebrates the diversity of children and families.

Why would you choose Carousel when there are many other child care programs you could choose?  One reason would be that Carousel is a nationally accredited program, which is consistently monitored by outside agencies in many areas, such as staffing, administration, curriculum, physical environment, relationships, safety, health and nutrition.  Achieving national accreditation allows our program to offer you high quality and excellence on a daily basis, above and beyond regular licensing criteria that most child care programs have. 

Another reason would be that at Carousel, relationships are very important to us - our teachers and administrators never leave you wondering what is happening - you receive both verbal and written communication about your child, daily events, activities, etc.   We take the time to know you and your child so we can hear your individual needs and desires and serve you in those ways. 

Our curriculum is designed from research in child development and we add a bridge curriculum from the CT Department of Education so your child will be able to make a smooth transition from preschool to Kindergarten.   Our curriculum is unlike any other you will find in an early care and educational program for young children - on a daily basis, our curriculum includes:  American Sign Language (ASL), Bi-lingual education, Physical Education, Nutrition education, Computer education, as well as Math, Science, Literacy, Art, and Music – all based on the foundation of play.  This direction provides each child with a well-rounded learning environment - one in which every intelligence is recognized and nurtured and one in which all children have fun while learning.

Our teaching staff is unlike any other you will find in early childhood programs.  Our teachers have degrees in early childhood education, and related fields, or must be matriculating toward such a degree to maintain their employment at Carousel.  This direction provides the children with teachers that take their roles seriously and are career-minded people who enjoy serving young children and families.

Carousel is a happy place for children, and for all who enter its doors each day - our goal is to serve, not to be served.  We are pleased to share in your child’s early care and education and we are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of your child’s most important time in life - its beginning.

Thank you for choosing Carousel,

Joyce Abate, MSEd & Staff